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    1. Physical Address:
    2. Dean Street
    3. Newlands
    4. Cape Town
    5. 7700
    6. Postal Address:
    7. SACS Junior School
    8. Private Bag
    9. Newlands
    10. 7725
    11. Email Address:
    12. Click here to email
    13. Mobi Site:
    14. www.mobis.co.za/sacsj
    15. Secretary:
    16. 021 689 4001
    17. 021 685 7028 (fax)
    18. Bursar:
    19. 021 686 6027
    20. JE De Villiers House:
    21. 021 689 8779

Five secrets formulate the essence that ensures successВ at SACS Junior School:

History – Steeped in time, space and pride as South Africa’s oldest school of 182 years, SACS achieves a dualism that welds the traditional, ‘back to basics’ philosophy with a progressive initiative to lead at the cutting edge of modern education.

Holistic Education – Our main objective thrusts towards ‘Learning for Life’.

Maintaining the Balance – Sport, Academics, Culture and Social – an acronym forming ‘SACS’ – comprise four cornerstones upon which our Whole School Programme is founded.

The Family Ethic – SACS depends wholeheartedly on the generous, volunteering spirit of our parents and staff whose teamwork is simply amazing!

Proudly South African – SACS continues to strive towards her goal of growing diversity within South African society.

(To read the complete version of the Headmaster’s Welcome, click here.)

Bulletin Board

(Click on the header immediately below to view more footage of the event.)

Another Proud SACS Moment – A Night with the Stars!

On Tuesday evening, the official Opening Ceremony of the new Grade One Wing took place. It was a most fitting occasion – elegant, tasteful and out of our top drawer – just what we needed to raise the bar in order to offer sincere thanks of the uppermost order to our high-calibre special guests. These were members of our SGB and Staff, members of the professional bodies who were involved in the project and SACS parent benefactors.

MEC for Western Cape Education, Minister Donald Grant, gave us the honour of his presence. He officiated in the opening declaration after a stirring, yet engaging address spiced with his relaxed and appealing disposition. We took the opportunity to thank him for the developments and major success that he has achieved in the field of Education in our region.

The occasion was made super special against the backdrop of a beautiful Cape evening and the rich ambience of the Grade One Wing ‘piazza’ that outstripped the five-star ratings of our best hotel forecourts. A cultural presentation, resulting from the collaboration of our Music, Language and Art Departments infused the talents of our boys – from nine years of age to our two Guardians of the Banner – and ended with a racy number from a SACS High Brass Quintet (all ex Junior School musicians).